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Mattiel - Customer Copy

Mattiel - Customer Copy


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With a voice that elicits images of an original female super power, Mattiel Brown offers an album of raucous retro rock and soul, balanced with a gritty contemporary lean. Mattiel is a vocalist who commands her honest lyrics with authority and confidence, perhaps a product of growing up an only child on a 5 acre farm in rural Georgia. Heavily influenced by her creative mom and her moms somewhat limited album collection of Donovan, Peter Paul and Mary, and The Monkees, she found a musical sanctuary. Later, as she learned to drive, her car stereo was filled with the sounds of Jack White, and on those solo rides to work, she learned to hone and strengthen her voice, by singing along and dissecting parts of each song. Mattiels voice is a driving force and stands out over the instruments in every song throughout the album. She clearly belts out the music, while occasionally cloaked in haze and voice effects. With many of the songs seeming like an old western shoot em up companion, 60s doo wop, or possibly a theme from James Bond, she embraces a specific
style not usually appreciated by the masses. It is a distinctive album speaking her creative musical conviction, but its old school
undertones, in a world of experimental music and sound exploration, could narrow her audience and may get lost to buzz worthy
listeners. However, her extraordinary vocal talent is the focal point of each track.

Track Listing:
1 Baron's Sunday Best
02 East Coast Swing
03 Follow My Name
04 Game Show
05 Midwest Hotel
06 Detroit Riot