We are delighted to announce that Gallant will be returning to our shores once more, this July! The project will not be run by us this year - we have very happily passed the Port Ally baton to Chris from Margate and Vanessa from Whitstable, who have started 'Kent Sail Cargo'. They have our full support, and we look forward very much to reopening and serving the Portuguese wine that's now available! If you're new to the concept you can read about it at

The ship has been to the Caribbean and back over winter, bringing panela, coffee and cocoa, and will be leaving Porto for England with it's cargo of olive oil, wine, beans, and so much more, very soon. To get the best price possible, and to guarantee your produce, you must pre order before the produce leaves the farms - by the 8TH MAY 2020!

PRE ORDER HERE - and the produce will be delivered direct to your door by electric van when it arrives in July.

Many thanks to Danny Burrows Photography for the beautiful picture from last year.

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