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The Selkies - The Woodlouse EP

The Selkies - The Woodlouse EP

Smugglers Records

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Smugglers Records are proud to announce SR0022, The Selkies Woodlouse Ep. Released on vinyl a 250 limited edition run this 4 track ethereal, mystical record is a thing of beauty. Here's a track off the record̴Ì_

We don't want to make a big deal of how young they are but its one of the most satisfying releases for us. ̴Ì_School friends̴Ì_Nou Helm and
Flo Stirrup ̴Ì_grew up in our community, are friends with my kids , sung in our folk/ shanty get togethers and are now making really magical music that is well beyond their ̴Ì_years.̴Ì_