Blind Boy Paxton

"Although only in his 20s, Jerron 'Blind Boy' Paxton has earned a reputation for transporting audiences back to the 1920's and making them wish they could stay there for good.

A vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Paxton's style draws from blues and jazz music before World War II and is influenced by the likes of Fats Waller and Blind Lemon Jefferson, Paxton seems to effortlessly embody the spirit of early music including ragtime, 20's jazz and Dust Bowl–era blues, delivering them through a dizzying display of virtuosity on guitar, piano, banjo, and lately, fiddle. And his delivery in dress, manner, speech, and humour of the period is so spot-on that it seems impossible that it is all contained within one so young.

Easily the most talented young acoustic bluesman to come along in many, many years. Jerron Paxton is truly the living embodiment of the true blues in the 21st Century, but he plays it all in the true songster tradition: ragtime, hokum, old-time, French reels, Appalachian mountain music and blues and more – and whatever he plays sounds great."
Living Blues Magazine