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Beans on Toast - A Bird in The Hand

Beans on Toast - A Bird in The Hand

Smugglers Records

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Out 30th November 2018

*Live in-store 4th December 6pm-8pm. Buy your copy to gain entry*

Listen to the single here

Gatefold sleeve, download card, produced by Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons; its Beans On Toast’s 10th, and probably best, album.
Sticking firmly to his own tradition of releasing a new album on the same date each year, 2018 was always going to be a big deal for
Beans on Toast with this year seeing his 10th release. Suitably rising to the occasion, Beans went to Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons
(who produced his first album ten years ago) and they hatched a plan.At the time, Mumford were camped out in Paul Epworth's
legendary The Church Studios making their upcoming album 'Delta'. The studio has a rich recording history including Bob Dylan,
Radiohead and Adele, and houses some of the finest microphones and recording equipment in the world. During days off, or between
Mumford’s own sessions, Beans and Ben snuck into the studio and laid down 'A Bird in the Hand', Beans’ most accomplished album to
date. Over the course of his huge career Beans has become something of a cult national treasure. What seemed like a throwaway
festival act has evolved into something much more important, a voice of truth and honesty, cutting through the bullshit. A consistent
and reliable modern-day troubadour, not afraid to speak his mind; always touring, always writing, recording and releasing music.
Playing every festival under the sun and always, always, telling it like it is. 'A Bird in the Hand' is a celebration of love, life, family and
the world in which we live. TRACKLIST: 1. Good Health & Happiness 2. Magic 3. Here at Homerton Hospital 4. Alexa 5. 1980’s
Sagittarius 6. Bamboo Toothbrush 7. Watching The World Go By 8. Please Give Generously 9. Miss You Like Crazy