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Dudu Tassa and The Kuwaitis - El Haja

Dudu Tassa and The Kuwaitis - El Haja


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Out 22nd February 2019

Dudu Tassa and the Kuwaitis, the Israeli band that opened Coachella festival last year and was chosen by Radiohead as its support act for 2017’s spring tour of the USA. With the release of new album El Hajar, Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis are ready to enter the global stage. Dudu Tassa, one of Israel’s leading rock stars, is the grandson of Kuwaiti musician Daoud Al-Kuwaiti, whose musical collaborations with his brother Saleh as the Al-Kuwaiti Brothers became famous in the Arabic world between the 1930s and 1950s until banned in Iraq by Saddam Hussein when he discovered that the singers were not in fact Arabic at all, but Jewish. Being of Iraqi-Jewish (and Yemeni) descent, Tassa’s exploration of his roots revealed an amazing musical history. Their songs remain popular in the Arab world today. The recordings, salute the Al-Kuwaitis legacy, revive their songs and integrate Iraqi, Middle-Eastern, and rock music in a unique style. The songs were recorded in Iraqi Arabic, which Tassa learnt especially for the project. Tassa hosts Jewish and Arab singers and performers, from Israel and Iraq (including the notable singer and champion of Iraqi music, Ismail Fadel). Now, El Hajar marks the third album in his series and the first to be released in Europe.


1. Al Hilwa W'al Murra
2. Tuli Ya Leylay
3. Bint El Moshab
4. Hilwat Murrat El Layali
5. Ya Khayib Ana
6. El Hajar
7. Ahibbek
8. Dulab Bayat
9. Hmayyed
10. Khadri El Chai