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Skip James - Cherry Ball Blues

Skip James - Cherry Ball Blues


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Out 17th May 2019

Remastered tracks from 1931 includes all 9 A-sides along with their B-sides. Liner notes by author Dick Porter. Stunning artwork by Les Clark. In the style of our Son House album you get a complete selection of all the pre war recordings. 1. Cypress Grove Blues 2. If You Havent Any Hay Get On Down The Road 3. Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues 4. Special Rider Blues 5. Devil Got My Woman 6. I'm So Glad 7. Cherry Ball Blues 8. 20-20 Blues 9. Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader 10. Hard Luck Child 11. Little Cow And Calf Is Gonna Die Blues 12. Illinois Blues 13. Drunken Spree 14. 4 O'Clock Blues 15. How Long Buck 16. Yola My Blues Away 17. Be Ready When He Comes 18. What Am I To Do Blues