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Star Band de Dakar - Psicodelia Afro - Cubana de Senegal

Star Band de Dakar - Psicodelia Afro - Cubana de Senegal


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Out 8th March 2019

2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, when the Cuban way won hearts, minds, and ears across Africa. This album is the soundtrack to a time when Cuban music was the future for 1970s Senegal. Changüí, Guajira, Salsa, and Son mingle with cosmic Mbalax guitars, Sabar rhythms, Afro-Latin horns, and Spanish vocals spiced with a Senegalese twang. The finest gumbo of Cuban and Senegalese sounds. With just two microphones and a four-track Revox tape recorder, Star Band recorded their entire catalog in Dakar's iconic Miami nightclub. Each album contained one stand-out Afro-Cuban tune. Six of Star Band's most psychedelic Afro-Cuban tracks, an ode to their finest hour, are selected here. 

TRACKLIST: A1. Guajira Ven A2. Misterioso A3. Andado B1. Mariama B2. Danguele Fasso B3. Le Lolaye